Privacy – do we trust each other?

Before we lived together it was OK for me to use his PC or for him to use mine. Actually he created an own account on my PC quite soon, with an own password. For me it took some more time to get a password so I can turn on his PC without asking him. But I never got an own password. He even knows my password for my PC, that’s why I don’t really understand why he needs an own account there. He also created it without asking me. Just took it for granted that I’m OK with it.

Now we have both our PC in one place, actually really next to each other. I suggested to at least put a shelf between, but he didn’t want. But still he is also using my PC sometimes and as a matter of course. As he knows my password he has access to all my data, my mails, everything. On his PC all his stuff is protected. It is not that I want to quarry for something, but it seems unfair.

The last time I consider about changing my password. But it is a kind of breach of confidence. I don’t have “real” secrets. But I don’t like the imbalance. I have obviously more trust than he trusts me.


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