Handling of resources – where has all the water gone….

I live basically quite economically. I only turn on the lights when I really what to do something. A glass of water I can get me even when it is a bit dim. So that is the situation. I also try to use water I don’t drink for pouring my flowers.

He’s completely different. He actually almost always turns on the lights immediately .When he leaves the room again, he often even not turn them off. He also wastes water and eats pretty quantities in a way I would not let him be a role model for children. But that is another issue. In any case, I cannot buy as much as he feeds. Of course I could, but I don’t know for certain if he will eat. Sometimes he wants then something else, like to order or to eat out, and then I would keep the food and have the risk that it will get bad. Also, I do not see that I have to carry home tons of food when I may not even have a bit of it.

Of course I want him to feel comfortable with me. But I ‘m not his mother. He should start buying the food he actually will eat. I’m not sure how we handle this situation – with water, electricity and also heating (this one also was included in our house rules). I try to be more tolerant. But I have often to resist making a comment. I do not want to appear graspingly. But I don’t feel OK watching him wasting resources. It often contradicts my entire education and instilled concept of environmental protection.


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