Why I am never satisfied – the frozen cabbage

I was sick, at least I felt very unwell. This is what I told him. He asked, if it is that bad. Yes, it is. After that conversation he ignored my condition. I was lying around, feeling bad. He started cleaning the fridge and freezer. I know he was doing a nice job, because I have taken up to clean the fridge/freezer. I really would have done it myself, just not that day. So he did and I was sad, because he wasn’t there for me, to comfort me.

When he was done, he placed it the food again and asked me what about the frozen cabbage which now was a little defrosted. I asked him to put it in the fridge instead of the freezer. Then I went to bed, feeling sad and ignored.

He decided to do the groceries and left. I went in the kitchen to grab something to drink and there I saw the cabbage, unpacked in a bowl. Why? Why have he done this? Why did he ask before? He returned to get his wallet and I asked about the cabbage. He started ranting, I can never be satisfied, I always complain, he will never do anything for me. I didn’t ask him to clean! I was angry. He left.

When coming back, he asked what just happened. I told him I feel ignored and wanted to be comforted. He laid down next to me, but neither hugged me nor caressed me. After starring at the ceiling some time he stand up and called a friend to meet.

Later I asked about the cabbage again. I simply can’t understand it. He didn’t place it in the fridge, because he thought some cabbage juice might leak. So he put it in a bowl. This part I can understand. But why unpack it? And why didn’t he just place the cabbage with the bowl in the fridge? Some of his actions will be a riddle to me. Maybe he even doesn’t know himself, because he can’t explain to me and gets angry when I ask?


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