Double household effects – the blanket problem

Once upon a time when we still visited each other everyone has his own household effects. Now we have almost everything twice which is a kind of problem of space. Some things we could get rid of. I gave away my dishes, tried to sell stuff using small ads, even furniture. He also did his best to reduce stuff. But still it is too much. We now have 2 water boilers, 2 teapots, lots of pots and kettles, etc. and even two beds.

Actually the plan was to keep my bed frame, his slatted frame and my mattress.

But his slatted frame doesn’t fit my bed frame. His bed frame is too low for my boxes under the bed and I need this space. So we had to make his bed frame higher. My bed frame now is in the basement, my slatted frame and his mattress will be taken to his parents. Seems to be a good solution, but then the drama started about the blankets, because everyone also brought one. Before we used to share one and now everyone sleeps on like alone on one side of the bed. I missed to cuddle, so I asked him to just use his blanket again.
Upcoming weekend he was in really bad mood, ignored me the whole day. Actually we had some other argument about cabbage, but that will be my next article. In the end we both fled to our best friends. The night I slept on the couch. In the morning he asked to talk and I came to know he couldn’t sleep with just one blanket for both of us. I was surprised, it worked this way like during our whole relationship, but according to him he can just stand it for a limited time. Now I revitalized my one blanket, we cuddle a little less, but he gets better sleep.

One problem solved, yeah.


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