House rules – “i can’t sit”

When living in my old flat I used to have strict house rules on a poster next to the entrance. Those were followed as far as I have noticed. For our new place I wanted to adapt these rules together.

Many “natural” rules I have included as a result of former visits and relationships were removed (like the rule “no creative tooth brushing”). He insisted on an item about pleasant temperature, he would have preferred to write about mandatory heating or even an exact temperature value, but I refused. In summer it will be hot and I am no friend of air conditioners because of energy-saving and environmental reasons.

I would like to keep the item “don’t stand and pee – it is not a urinal”. That one he refused. I can’t understand. Maybe it is more comfortable to stand, but it is also insanitary and don’t forget the smell. I even know enough guys who have no problem to sit down. So why can’t he? He argued he can’t relax when sitting, so can’t get rid of all pee and therefore would have to get up even more often during night.

Not a chance.


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